2D Animation

Focus animation studio offer a variety of 2d Animation services. We continually strive to keep our Animation up-to-date to ensure that your clients and Potential Customers like what they see. In a world where people’s attention spans have become shorter and the need for quick Information has increased, Focus animation studio understand your need for Animation that excites and inspires. We are proud our clients with high standard Animation that will not only please, but impress your viewers and keep them interested. FAS work quickly and diligently in order to create videos that you will love in the deadline that you need. 2D animation focuses on creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in a Two –Dimensional environment and creates movements in a Two-Dimensional artistic space. 2D Animation Videos have become an inevitable part of our present fast moving world. The benefits of 2D Animation are Innumerable.

3D Animation

Focus animation studio offer 3D animation service. Whether you are looking for a landing page Video, simple or complex Motion Design, Explainer Videos, or Infographics, Our highly talented artist always meet the benchmark. 3d Animation is the process of developing or creating Three-Dimensional moving images in a Digital Environment. 3D Animation consists of 3D Media, Marketing Media, Web Media and Mobile Media. The benefits of 3D Animation is that it gives us the scope to incorporate various Effects and it can enhance the Entertainment level for the viewers. Another benefit of Three-Dimensional Animation is the part from enhanced Visual Effects, it can enhance your company’s brand image and Growth, Engaging customers, ability to grab more Attention, and given us a real feeling. 3D Animation gives the flexibility of telling a story of a product in an entirely new way. Our 3D team combines a multitude of discipline to output stunning Photorealistic 3D Renderings and Animations.

Corporate Live Shoot

Corporate shoot is your company’s first impression to your prospective clients. Focus Animation Studio is always developing new styles of corporate portrait photography which help our clients with their marketing. We approach all photography in a non-traditional and daring manner. We understand the importance of your video marketing delivering results. Whether you want an internal piece, such as staff training, an external piece, such as promotional video, or short social media videos, our Noida-based, in-house corporate video production specialists will help you through the production process from concept through to completion. Corporate video is an umbrella term that could describe a number of different types of video. FAS want to help guide you through the video so that you can get the right Video according to your needs.

Arial Survey

Aerial Survey is not just any picture from Mid-Air. It gives an EDGE to market their projects in a highly result oriented manner Aerial Imagery provides a record of the earth’s surface at an instant in time and is relied on by all Organizations that manage or interact with the natural and built environments. Aerial imagery provides a common language to help communicate complex concepts or problems to Developers, planners, decision makers and society at large.
Focus Animation studio specializes in advance Aerial Imaging solution for Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Construction, Architects, Roofing Contractors, Movie and Commercial Production, Government and law Enforcement Agencies, and anyone in need of high-quality Aerial Intelligence especially in Delhi NCR and all over India by using Remote Operated Drones & UAV with High Definition Sensors. We believe in innovation and creativity. Our creative array of services also includes VR enabled 360 panoramas, Aerial/Ground as well as Interior which can be incorporated as a Virtual tour.


Focus Animation Studio provides Game Art designing services for video Games Publishers/Developers. We have successfully delivered awesome game artwork for many video games. Our studio is one of the best game art outsourcing studios with secure, modern facilities in India. We have best 2D / 3D Art and concept art technical knowledge. We combine the both as per your timeline and deliver the best quality artwork. We do the job when you need it, better than you expect. We have successfully delivered many Video Games. We are dedicated to build strong relationship with our outsource clients by constantly innovating and consistently delivering the highest quality artwork.

Marketing Video

Strong stories, creative ideas and engaging messages are at the core of our business; Focus Animation Studio use them to build you effective video Marketing Campaigns. Our team has experience in TV, Video and Marketing, making everything from Explainer Video to a Documentary and Corporate Video. Put simply, we know how to make video Marketing work for your business. At the core of everything we do is a belief in powerful ideas. We’re driven by a ceaseless desire to tell stories in the most creative way possible so your work stands out. Tight deadlines, challenging conditions and complex messages are all things we tackle on a daily basis.
Through creative and clever Advertisements and Campaigns, we introduce end consumers to great ideas, products, and services. We excel at TV Commercials, Launch Films, Branded Content, Corporate Films, Product/Service Demos, Explainer Videos, and Animated Videos.
Our team approaches every job with energy and passion and we’re only happy when we exceed expectations.
At Focus Animation Studio we love working together as a team of creative people. We also love to foster the same great relationships with our clients so we can create outstanding work.