About Us

Focus Animation Studio defines itself as a creative company that provides innovative digital experience across various industries, whose vision is to be inspiration of creative innovation on a global scale. Focus Animation Studio handles digital design animation brand development, print and graphic design, Augmented and Virtual Reality and game development. It conceives, design and produce digital content and integrated experiences for Web, Mobile and the Physical World.

We have experienced player of skilled and talented animators, CG Artist, Designers developing experts who work day and night to provide you with the finest output. The team is responsible for all the stages that are followed in multimedia company process. Some of these stages includes Research, Conceptualizing, Scriptwriting, Story Boarding Designing/Modeling, Animation, Editing and programming. To deliver excellence on each project we have right people in right place. Our team is skilled and well experienced to handle diverse projects and is very comfortable to work in 24×7 atmosphere. We call it an exclusive blend of Technology, Creativity and Management.

We deal with all our clients with extreme professionalism and try to retain them with our perfect animation services. Our goal is to producing inspiring work that helps our clients connect with people no matter the platform has always been our goal and remains our focus. We tackle complex challenges across a number of communications and outputs often involving Brand positioning, digital presence, physical experience and content creation.

Together, we bring meaningful results to our clients and, our clients’ clients.







Focus Animation History

Focus animation studio is an Entertainment & Media House specializing in technical and artistic innovative solutions addressed to the creative industry.

Since setting up in 2012 as design studio, founded by Miss. Swati Sanwaria and Mr. Birendra Singh, an enthusiastic digital artist with a Bachelor degree of fine arts (3D Animation Department) with wide experience in film and Game Animation, we have grown to a multi-skilled team meeting high-level business needs through coordinated brand building and strategic, design-led work. Within a very short time, we have proved to be among the best in regard to the 2D, 3D Animation, VFX Web Designing, Development, Augmented and Virtual Reality.